Broken Hearts Club

12:00 AM

Top - thrifted | Acid wash jeggings - thrifted | Sneakers - Converse + DIY | Sunnies - Lovechild Vintage

Wore this last Friday when we went to Laguna for our team outing. Had to be on comfy clothes because I was carrying a bigass backpack with me that time. Isn't my new thrifted top supercool? It says "Broken Hearts Club" in it! Since it had hearts printed all over it, I decided to wear my super favorite heart sunnies too! And because I am such a punk, I also wore my spiked Chuck Taylors and studded cuffs to spice it up a little bit because I didn't wanna go for the "romantic" look at all. If you haven't heard of it yet, I am not exactly the most romantic person on Earth. Hihi

Isn't this look perfect for a Valentines Day entry!? I swear I didn't plan this! Don't get me wrong though, just because I'm wearing this statement top doesn't mean I'm a broken-hearted girl. No, I am not and I will never be!

So, have a happy hearts' day people! Have fun your dates!

PS: If you're wondering how I'm gonna spend mine....well, I won't because the boyfie is in the valleys [miles away from the city] right now working his ass off so he would have money to spend on our late V-day/B-day date! Hihi. Keep working hard bebeboi!

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